Juan de Fuca Trail Transportation

Starting and Endpoint – Botanical Beach to China Beach

Distance – 47 km/ 29 miles
Time required – 3 to 5 days

Walking surface – Rough terrain. Rugged, uneven ground, and slippery conditions on muddy trails, wooden surfaces, boulders, and rocky shorelines. Bring your hiking poles!

Accommodation – Camping

Food – Carry food for the duration of the trail

Estimated travel times:

Sooke to Port Renfrew
1 hr 9 min (71.0 km)

Sooke to China Beach
33 min (34.7 km)

Sooke to Sombrio Beach trailhead
57 min (55.8 km)

China Beach to Botanical Beach ( Port Renfrew )
45 min (40.2 km)

Sooke to BC Ferry Terminal
55 min (58.0 km)


Sooke to:

Jordan River $100
China Beach $120
Sombreo $160
Botanical Beach / Port Renfrew $180
Aylard Farm or Pike Road parking lot $50

Anything closer to Sooke is on the meter.

Fees must be paid in advance with a credit card or e-transfer. Contact us for more information.

Links to Trail Information

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